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All the spirits and wines connoisseurs, chiefs, sommeliers, wine makers will agree with me on one point : If a wine or a spirit is good (and even more than that !), do not hesitate to pair it ! You could fine some gorgeous matching between the aromas of your wine or spirit and the flavors of your food. Even if I am not a Chief professionnal, my job, my culture, my family helped me to discover pairings I wouldn't have ever imagined. Many thanks to them !


Moet & Chandon

For the Brut Imperial non vintage, I think seafood is the best pairing, such as : Oysters, white fish, cod, sole, mulet, sushi, sashimi. Indeed, the acidity of the seafood will perfectly match with the freshness, the lemon and the "blond notes" (vanilla, lime, apple, grass) of the Brut.

For the Rose Imperial non vintage, smokey food like smoked salmon, will be very interesting with the smokey and peaty notes of the Rose. The italian food is a good "friend" for the Rose. But the sweetness and feminin notes of this champaign could reveal also the frangrances of a desert made with red fruits : strawberies, blackcurrent, raspberry ...

The vintages are more complex, persistant. You wil have to find a more elaborated food and complex as well. Most of the time, sauces can wide the palette of the pairings. You should avoid the vinegar. Mushrooms sauces, jam, pepper sauces can help.

Dom Perignon

Because Dom Perignon is only vintages, you could find different pairings for each vintage. For example, the 1998 is very powerful, persistant and you need to drink something quite full bodied such as lam "on the spanish way", envelopped in a pepper cover. But of course, fine fishes like bass, or scallop shells but also caviar and fried foie gras will bring you some amazing experiences you will never forget !

The Vintage 1999, much more "original" with its exotic notes such as pineapple, cocoa, tobacco, anis, iodine, cinnamon will make you discover new flavors pairing. Bass with coconuts sauce, french oysters (but not too much lemon !), or scallops with vanilla sauce, peppery cheese ...
But remember, Dom Perignon is strong and complex enough to support, but also to reveal the finest aromas of black truffles ...



Wonderful in cocktails, or as a long drink with Schwepps, Ginger Ale, soda...

With XO

Neat, XO can be enjoyed as an after dinner but also during dinner if you add a bit of water (especially sparkling water). This will release the aromas of the cognac and make it easier drinkable, especially for young consumers , ladies ... Light and delight !

Some examples of "Cognac Menu"

With Private Reserve 1865

Braised Shark Fin with Fresh Crab Roe
Roasted goose – Peking style
Oyster Soup With Paradis Stir-fried Beef Steak in Soy Sauce and Crispy Mini Fish
Deep-fried Garoupa Head & Belly with Pepper SaltorSautéed Garoupa Fillet
Baked Fresh Lobster, with caramel sauce
Steamed Chicken with Sliced Chinese Ham and Mushroom
Pan-fried King Prawns with Soy Sauce
Braised Whole Abalone with Mustard Green Vegetables
Stir-fried Minced Goose Meat Served with Lettuce
Fried Vermicelli with ‘Ma Po’ Sauce
Steamed Minced Meat with Crab Roe Buns
Home Blended Almond Paste with Egg White

With Paradis "Givre"

Hot , Creamy Chocolate Cake – chocolate truffles
Tarte Tatin

With Richard Hennessy


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