When you drink a good wine, be careful to chose the right pairing. Indeed, it would be a pity to "kill" your wine with one of its "bad friend" ...

Here they are :

- Vinegar : Even if many wine connoisseurs like vinegar, it has exactly the taste of "wrong wines". Its acidity and bitterness will kill the flavors of your good wine, but you rpalate too. And you could't be able to appreciate anything else then.
It is "tolerated" when it is fried, or used for "deglacage", but not strongly recommended. For the salad, you can find other substitutes : almonds, balsamic or madere.

- Raw vegetables : Their natural richness in Malic acid can threaten any pairing wine/food

- Eggs : By a chemical phenomena, the yellow part of the egg neutralizes, anaesthetizes your palate. You couldn't precisely identifiy any aromas then.
Exception : truffles omelet with big Red Burgundy Wines, Hermitage or Margaux.

- Cheese : Be careful, if this dish can be the best pairing, it can also be the best ennemy of your wine ! A big red wine will be killed by a Maroailles or an old camembert.
+ : Dare the pairing strong/complex white wine (Green Point, Cloudy Bay, even Sauternes), with Chevre cheese... and tell me your feelings.

- Oiled sardines : the "metalic" taste of this dish will not match with a big wine. Only a Muscadet can balance this trend.

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